You are stuck…

You are at loss with who you have become, with the relationships around you, with your appearance when you look in the mirror…

We have been there, we understand and we want to hear you, see you and help you get unstuck, gaining in knowledge, re-discovering yourself so you can be your BEST self-yet!

During the 14 days of the Her Next Step Start Up Plan we are asking you to commit about thirty minutes a day to  exploring your plan. Can you gift yourself that time? We have divided each day of your daily plan into 5 parts:

EMOTIONAL/SPIRITUAL awareness, IDENTITY (loss or change in identity), HEALTH (nutrition), MOVEMENT and finally indulging/pampering yourself in a little TREAT every day!

Before you begin your START UP PLAN, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Right away you will receive three email messages: one will be a review of the planner process and logistics, another with that days planner and a final email asking you a question about how you feel and where you’re at before you begin. Hit reply to that email and let us know how you are feeling right now. We send you an answer back.

We have created 3 plans that are similar in nature except for a specific focus in one of these three areas: Identity, Health/Movement, and Emotional/Spiritual. Read through each description and find the one that resonates with you the most.


Choose the focus of an area that feels especially important to you right now—we have divided the
14 Day Start Up Plan into the 3 main categories below.
Read the descriptions for each section and buy the one one you’d like to focus on the most.

    • You question your present roles and responsibilities.
    • You have stopped dreaming or reaching for your goals.
    • You long for some kind of change.
    • Asking yourself deep, probing questions about who you are.
    • You feel a loss of who you used to be.

    • Starting to panic over weight gain/health issues.
    • An obsession with the physical changes your body is going through.
    • Realizing that you need encouragement & help on how to eat in a healthier way.
    • Looking in the mirror and no longer recognizing yourself.
    • No longer interested in sex and worried you will never be interested again.
    • You feel a sense of loss.

    • You are struggling with the reality that life is passing by so quickly.
    • You feel unmotivated.
    • Unexplained bouts of mood swings and bouts of depression.
    • Questioning your faith and traditions.
    • Your vision of the future is dismal.
    • Strong sense of loss.